Less chores and cleaning, more “me” time!


Your home renovation determines how hard it is to keep things clean and tidy; depending on the design features or materials that you’ve chosen, you may either have to perform regular maintenance or almost none at all.

If you values “me” time over stylish spaces with high upkeep, take note of these hard-to-maintain design features to avoid for an effortless cleanup in the future.

*Don’t get us wrong, these are just ways to cut-down on cleaning time. 


1. Textured Surface

Stone features look great with their natural patterns and texture, but their bumpy edges can be a trap for all sorts of grime. As grooves tends to catch dirt, dust or even mould if you use them as backsplash in wet area like kitchen.

Washing heavily textured walls can be tricky and it is not advisable.


Tips: Use vacuum’s brush attachment to carefully vacuum textured walls prior to cleaning them. This removes dust or other particles from the wall’s surface and particles that may be caught in between the rough, textured areas.



2. Cement Screed Surface

Cement screed isn’t the most flexible of materials. You may expect chips and cracks to happen over time, depending on how often it is being interacted. The humidity and temperature levels can cause damages on your cement screed flooring.

For open-minded individuals, the scratches, kinks and cracks that would invariably come with cement screed surfaces are all part of the character.


Tips: Sweep and vacuum often, and mop occasionally with a solution of a few drops of cleaner in a bucket of hot water. Make sure the mop is clean to begin with, as concrete absorbs dirt and stains easily. 


3. Mosaic Tiles

*also known as small tiles (size: 2×2)

Grout lines with their porous surfaces are the perfect incubators for mould growth, and those black particles look unsightly against white sealing. Smaller tiles mean more grouts, and more grouts mean spending time slogging over cleaning small gaps.


Tips: Mix 1 tablespoon of household detergent with 2 cups of warm water in a spray bottle. Spray the cleaner onto the tile surface. Wipe clean with a soft rag. Avoid using coarse sponges and brushes because these can scratch the mosaic tile.



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