Renovating a home in Singapore doesn’t come cheap. It is advisable to understand the renovation works you are looking at and the amount you are willing to set aside for the renovation works.
A quality renovation should cover every aspect (including plumbing, flooring and carpentry, excluding furnishing and appliances).Things like your electrical wiring can cost upwards of a thousand. 
Here are three priciest components when it comes to renovation, and that would be carpentry, masonry (flooring, tiling and wet works) and hacking works.




Consists of TV consoles, feature walls, wardrobes, cabinets, storage features and other customised solutions such as settees. The cost often determined by the size, materials and amount of workmanship required based on how intricate the design is.
Depending on how extensive the works are, area size, and the choice of your material, these works’ cost can go up to more than $20,000.


Consists of flooring, tiling and wet works. The cost is determined by area size and labour costs for laying tiles, waterproofing, constructing of kitchen cabinets base, post-hacking touch-up, and foundation levelling. 


Typically consists of labour to hack and/or re-build, touch-up and plaster up walls. Costs do not include endorsement from a professional engineer.
Depending on how extensive the works are and the area size you are looking to hack, these works’ cost can go up to more than $5,000.
That being said, we encourage you to arrange an appointment with our designers, as they will be able to advise workaround solutions or provide budget-friendly alternatives to help you achieve the look you’re going for.


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