What is a kitchen island? From the term “island”, it is a standalone custom counter usually in the middle of a kitchen. Although some may feel that a kitchen island requires a lot of floor space, it actually has various functions and will not obstruct your kitchen layout if its built in the right spot.


When planning your kitchen layout, the basin can be placed on your kitchen island if you’d like the main counter with your cooker hobs to have more space. Its also a great way to separate the wet and dry areas of your kitchen.


The island can also double up as a storage compartment to store all your dinner wares and crockery. Just add shelving and doors at the base of the island to have extra cabinets for your kitchen. A dishwashing machine can also be concealed inside.


Having guests over? Sitting at the kitchen island with your favourite bottle of bubbly would simulate hanging out with your friends at a bar complete with high stools.


Most of the time in a typical HDB BTO unit layout, the wall adjacent to the kitchen entrance can be hacked and replaced with a kitchen island. This will maximize the space in your home as there won’t be a need for an additional dinner table as the island can double up as one.



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