Whether you’re collecting the keys to your new home in the upcoming year 2020 or looking to revamp your abode, be in the know of the upcoming key trends that could get you inspired in designing your home. Here are the trends in the upcoming new year:


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The same style that gained popularity back in the 1920s is making a comeback with a modern twist. Think curves, geometric patterns, chevron stripes and jewel tones. Incorporate the style in your wallpaper, flooring and furniture. Chrome finishes in gold will also elevate the Art Deco look. Chevron stripes are easily attainable with tile or vinyl that feature herringbone patterns. This opulent look is luxurious without breaking the bank.


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Dress up your walls and fixtures with the use of wall panels. The possibilities are endless as they can be incorporated into feature walls, storage doors, and even as a bedroom headboard. Wall panels are also functional in segregating living areas such as the living and dining rooms. It is also fitting to any theme whether you are going for the minimalist, moroccan, oriental or contemporary look.



Don’t be too quick to switch out this pattern with the usual Marble as Terrazzo is making a comeback in 2020. This stone type consists of chips of marble, quartz, granite, glass, or other suitable material, poured with a cementitious binder. It gives out a subtle glitter in certain lighting and angles. Terrazzo is available for your kitchen counter top and bathroom vanity.


Move over Scandinavian, as Nordic is an upgrade to the popular interior design style. Inspired by Northern Europe, the Nordic theme features a raw and natural look but at the same time not compromising on aesthetic and cleanliness. Brick walls, light wash wooden fixtures and a minimalist colour palette that is mainly revolved around the colour white is combined seamlessly for this cabin-in-the-woods inspired theme. Don’t forget plants and other greeneries.



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