We have all been through the phase of “Boy/Girl ah, why you never off the fan? Electricity very expensive you know” when we are staying with our parents.

So here are some ways to reduce your utility bills!

Ps, you may get less nagging if you follow these steps; no guarantees though. 


1. Wall Sockets

That moment when you forget to switch off the fan or phone charger before you leave the house and you tio/kena from your parents?

Did you know that appliances and electronic devices can continue to consume energy even when it is not turned on? Household appliances such as TVs, routers and computers continue to use energy until you switch them off at the wall socket.


2. Air-Condition

Did You Know, the lower the temperature setting, the more energy used by your air-conditioner.

  • Clean your air-con filters every month, so that it will run efficiently. Dirty air filter impedes air flow and causes energy wastage!
  • Service your air-con units regularly and get it inspected annually. Other components like refrigerant, pipes and motors will also affect its efficiency. 


3. Fridge

We all have those guilty moments of opening the fridge door and standing there, deciding on what to snack on.

Refrigerators are one of the top 5 most energy-hungry appliances in our homes, and the bigger your refrigerator is, the more energy it’ll consume.

  • Do not leave the refrigerator door open longer than necessary. 
  • Adjust the thermostat in the refrigerator to the recommended setting. Overcooling your refrigerator wastes electricity.
  • Go for groceries shopping with a list. Do not overload the refrigerator to ensure that cold air can circulate freely. Too many food items may block air circulation and reduce cooling capabilities. Consider using food storage containers to minimize clutter.


4. Computer/Laptop

Screensavers don’t save energy. It initially made to keep older monitors from being damaged; shorten lifespan. Now, other than offering users some personalisation, they have little function. Instead of going on screensaver mode, “hibernate”, put it in sleep mode or switch it off.
We, as an individual, requires naps or sleep, so does our computer and laptops.



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