We have all been through this phase, and we may or may not have said “I want my house to be Muji inspired house”. 

Here are the two most popular interior themes explained.  


1. Modern Scandinavian


(that’s right, this is your modernised muji-inspired theme)

Bright, Light, Open space

  • Maximize natural light with white walls and remove window coverings.
  • Choose functional furniture with clean lines.
  • Choose a neutral colour palette inspired by nature; think earth, stone, and wood, with pops of brighter colour.
  • Use natural materials to create an organic space. Incorporate as much wood, leather, cotton, linen, and faux as possible.
  • Accessorize with plants or nature-inspired sculptural pieces instead of knick-knacks.
  • Create interest with layers of texture.
  • Eliminate clutter by removing items that do not serve a purpose.


2. Modern Contemporary

  • The palette is often punched up and accented with bright and bold colours that play against neutrals.
  • Keep the flooring simple with a classic wooden floor and source rugs that are simple in pattern and carpets that feature a low pile with geometric shapes.
  • Source of lighting is simple yet effective in showcasing contemporary home decor and architectural features.
  • A mix of metal, stone, and opaque or clear glass works well in a room decorated in a contemporary style. 
  • The aesthetics are minimal; Clean architectural lines and showcase a sophisticated and timeless elegance.
  • Create a feeling of spaciousness; Adopts an open floor plan concept. The kitchen frequently merges with the dining room or the living room connects with the kitchen. 
  • Furniture pieces to look for will be smooth, clean, geometric silhouettes and straight lines; Features wooden and earth-friendly elements.
  • Uncluttered and straightforward look; shy away from the use or heavy elements and ornate designs.


Ultimately, both of these theme has that one similar point, uncluttered.

So… Marie Kondo your stuff away; ask yourself, “Does it sparks joy?”


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