Kitchen Countertop; this is where you end up doing most of your cutting, chopping and cooking work, so it is crucial to choose a material that is tough enough to withstand daily use. There are tons of material options available in the market for your kitchen countertop, but here are two commonly selected materials. So which should you choose and why? Let us explore each material to help you decide.




Quartz kitchen countertops are man-made – crafted from a mix of crushed stones, bits of recycled materials like ceramic, glass and silica (depending on brands) as well as polymers that bind them together to give the appearance of natural stone.

Quartz tabletops have been gaining popularity among homeowners and, is a widely used material in interior design because of its

  • easy to clean
  • requires little maintenance
  • scratch- and dent-resistant
  • non-porous
  • durability
  • stain resistant (but not stain proof)
  • abundant supply and the non-toxic end product
  • heat resistance (149 degrees)
  • wide variety of colours (mostly natural shades), patterns and textures

Even though it is heat resistance, it is still advisable to use a trivet if you are placing a hot object on your countertop as the heat can cause discolouration. Likewise, while it is scratch- and dent-resistant, don’t drag heavy/sharp items across or use a hammer to test it out. 

Quartz is on the pricey side, with a price point that is on-par with natural stones like marble and granite. Nevertheless, the actual cost will vary with the brand you have select as well.




KompacPlus is made from the process of compacting material. In this case, it is the compacting of layers of Kraft paper and hardened by resins. It is then put under high-pressure point and heat, creating a thin 6-millimetre layer. 

It comes in a wide array of designs, the most popular design being the ones that mimic the look of wood.

Sleek and elegant, KompacPlus brings you the balance between sustainability and aesthetics in your home. As Kompacplus materials countertop provides wood grains, texture, design appealing and unique identify.




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