Flooring is one of the most important parts of your home as it is the base of everything, the foundation where everything else will be laid out on top of it. When it comes to deciding what type of flooring to use, it is important to take note of durability such as resistance to scratches, popping, cracking and more. Here are several types of flooring available in the market.


White Horse Ceramic

Ceramic tiling is the most common type of flooring used in houses. It provides a durable and tough surface with endless design possibilities. It doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and will not crack unless there had been a strong impact. Even so, ceramic tiles can be easily replaced.


Lian Seng Hin

Homogeneous tiles are a type of porcelain tile. When compared, these tiles are denser and less porous than a ceramic tile making them much more durable. Homogeneous tiles are commonly used and more popular as it is ideal for floors that anticipate heavier traffic such as kitchen floors as they are more resistant to scratching and cracks. Being less porous also means homogeneous tiles are impervious – better at not absorbing water than ceramic tiles.


J + A Design

Once a popular form of flooring, parquet is a geometric mosaic of wood pieces used for decorative effect in flooring. It is made of real wood and teak is most commonly used. Therefore, it provides an element of luxury into one’s home with the feeling of real solid wood under your feet. Despite being beautiful, parquet flooring requires a lot of maintenance. Due to its natural material, it is prone to fading, scratching and chipping, and requires polishing or sandblasting once every few years.



Currently the most common and sought-after type of flooring, vinyl is relatively new to the local market and is here to stay. Probably the most resilient, vinyl flooring is available in a variety of patterns, textures and colours. It can be overlaid over old flooring thus saving you money on hacking works. It uses a glue-less click and lock system and installation can be completed faster than traditional flooring installations. It is easy to maintain and what makes it different from other types of flooring is that it can be uninstalled and shifted to another place if you are re-locating and re-installed again.



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