Thank You for Your Interest in Joining Our Team

1. Purpose: We’re searching for the perfect fit for our team. To achieve this, we’ve compiled a list of questions regarding your experience in interior design.

2. Objectives of Questions:
– Assess your understanding of the job.
– Understand how you manage projects.
– Evaluate your ability to work remotely.
– Determine if your personality aligns with our team’s culture.

3. Appreciation: We value the effort you put into answering these questions. Your detailed responses are crucial for us to gauge whether you’re suited for managing interior design projects in a dynamic environment like Singapore.

4. Areas of Concern:
– Your approach to managing projects from inception to completion.
– Your capability to collaborate with team members remotely.
– Your proficiency with essential tools and software for interior design.

5. Instructions for Response:
– Reflect on your past experiences.
– Provide examples that highlight your skills and achievements.
– Ensure honesty in your answers.

6. Next Steps: Based on your responses, we may proceed to a video call interview. This will allow us to discuss your answers in more detail and explore how you could integrate into our team.

7. Anticipation: We’re eager to learn about your past work and how you can contribute to our team. Looking forward to the potential of discussing further via a video call.



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Personal and Professional Background
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1. IntroductionCan you briefly introduce yourself and summarize your career in interior design?
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2. Experience in DesignHow many years of experience do you have in interior design, and in which areas (residential, commercial, etc.) have you primarily worked? How much do you know about the Singapore renovation industry or have had experience/involvement in Singapore related residential projects? If yes, please share your involvement.
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3. On-site Project ManagementDo you have experience with on-site project management? Please describe the projects you've managed, focusing on your on-site involvement (if any)
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Technical Skills and Software Proficiency
4. Software ProficiencyWhat software are you proficient in for creating 2D plans and 3D models? Are there any you particularly excel at or find challenging? Taking a look at our rendering on our instagram, are you able to render at the same quality?
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5. Excel and Project ManagementDo you have experience preparing schedules of works and quotations for interior renovation works for residential projects? If yes, how experienced are you with using Excel for project scheduling and quotations?
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6. Computer SpecificationsPlease share the details of your computer's specifications to ensure it supports the software required for interior design work.
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7. Internet ReliabilityWhat is your current internet speed, and how reliable is your connection? What are your contingencies for power or internet outages to ensure smooth delivery of work?
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8. Equipment for CommunicationDo you possess a high-quality microphone and webcam for online meetings and presentations?
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9. Remote Work ExperienceHave you previously worked remotely or as a freelancer on interior design projects? Please share your experiences managing projects and client interactions remotely.
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Communication and Leadership Skills
10. English ProficiencyHow would you rate your proficiency in written and spoken English? Do you have any experience in speaking with foreigner. Do they have any issues in listening and understanding each other?
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11. Leadership ExperienceHave you led a team before? If so, what was the team's size, and can you provide an example of a project you managed together?
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12. Presentation SkillsAre you comfortable conducting presentations in front of clients or teams, especially in an online format? Please share your experiences.
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Project Management and Execution
13. Project ExecutionDo you have experience from initiation to handover, renovating a whole project. Do you have experience in scheduling work, coordinating with subcontractors, and preparing necessary documentation for interior renovation works? How do you ensure accuracy and adherence to client requirements and industry standards throughout the project?
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14. Adherence to SOPsAre you comfortable following a standard set of SOPs? Have you ever encountered difficulties in adhering to instructions or SOPs?
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Compensation and Work Preferences
15. Compensation ExpectationsWhat was your last drawn salary, and what are your salary expectations for this role and your last position title?
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16. Working Under PressureGiven the fast-paced nature of renovation projects in Singapore, how do you manage time pressure and tight deadlines?
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17. Handling FeedbackHow do you handle feedback and revisions from clients?
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18. Portfolio HighlightsCould you share examples of projects you are particularly proud of? Please share some challenges faced and how they were resolved?
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19. Any Other MattersPlease list any questions you may have in detail so that they can be clearly addressed during the interview.
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Resume & Portfolio
Other Relevant Document
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