Scandinavian – 5 Room Resale – Pasir Ris

Design: Scandinavian
Project: 5-Room Resale
Location: 516 Pasir Ris Street 52

Elegance meets comfort in this modern haven where inviting ambiance takes center stage. A sliding glass partition between the living and dining kitchen areas provides a flexible space, allowing for both privacy and an open atmosphere.

The heart of this home’s design beats with a distinctive rhythm at the kitchen island, which serves as more than just a functional element. It stands as a symbolic center where the pulse of family gatherings quickens and memories come to life.

The kitchen island becomes a hub of activity, inviting loved ones to gather around, share stories, and create connections. The overall tone of the house resonates with a warmth that goes beyond aesthetics, embodying a sense of comfort that lingers in every corner.


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