Vibrant Contemporary 3 Room Condo – Woodleigh Ln

Design: Vibrant Contemporary
Project: 3-Room Condo – Park Colonial
Location: Woodleigh Ln, Singapore

Upon entering this 3 Bedroom Condo unit, we utilized the wall spaces by putting up built-in storage cabinets. In the foyer, we extended the DB box as requested by the client. They wanted to add a cabinet with a built-in bench where they can put on and take off their shoes. The foyer cabinet is connected to the dining that serves as a ledge wherein the client can put items for display. Our favorite part of this condo unit is the son’s room. We placed a loft-type bed and underneath it is a study area.

You can see here from the foyer area going to the dining, we cladded the cabinet with the same finish to make it look more wholistic. The addition of the mirrors helps in visually expanding the space. For the son’s room, we wanted to showcase the curves in both functional and aesthetic instances. The stairs would open from the top to make use of the storage space within them. In the study area, we did a curve at the right side of the window, styling the main support of the loft bed. And both the desk and the shelf would curve at that corner to further minimize bumping into it.

In the design, given the lighter tone and nature of the wood, a darker-colored trim would complement the selection well. Also giving a transition from the warmth of the wood and the blue accent wall. The general finishes would be in neutral tones while the colors would be incorporated in the changeable items such as beddings and décor.

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